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How call analytics VoIP Help your business?

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Call analytics VoIP is basically related to calls and agents’ connectivity and phone equipment. While detailed VoIP analytics can report on agent's performance, management decision, workforce and calling times. This is one of the hidden gem of the VoIP phone system is ''call analytics''. Call analytics VoIP provides a business valuable insight into overall performance. Accordingly, these insights and analytics are usually used to bring change in employees’ productivity. Businesses can check the workflow with the help of analytics call tracking. Such as How many numbers of calls receiving in the given time? How long does every call last? How long does a client wait for his/her turn? Where do these calls originate? And much more. Additionally, a business gets enough analytical data to maximize its performance.

What call analytics VoIP can give to a business?


What call analytics VoIP can give to a business?


A telecommunication business without phone call metrics is nothing. This call tracking will provide complete necessary data to maximize the quality services. What analytics can provide to a business? Is below;

  • Clients average wait time

  • The average duration of calls

  • Monthly extension usage data

  • Custom charts on daily, monthly and weekly basis

  • Number of voicemail messages

  • departmental calling reports

  • All employee’s performance in real time

  • Ability to understand the bottom line

  • origin of all calls

If a business is run accordingly, it will definitely achieve its goal.

Benefits of call analytics

  • Ensure quality services for callers

Call analytics help companies (CSRs or technical support) to deliver quality services. By keeping tracking and monitoring (call activities of key metrics like call length and call volume) managers will easily identify all call patterns quiet periods or determine busy. Furthermore, allocate resources to accommodate the fluctuation in volume successfully. This activity minimizes the wait times, improve client service and help teams to answer incoming calls well.

  • Improved employee performance

For better customer services, a business needs to improve the employees' performance first. And, this will be improved by tracking and measuring the performance of each employee. Accordingly, phone metrics like call count, average call duration and every employees' availability will help the businesses to monitor worker's productivity and improve future services. By using call metrics, a business can also identify which employee needs further training. Based on employee's feedback, the business will help them by resolving their issues. This is the most effective way to handle employees.

  • Stay up-to-date with customer's trend

Phone metrics let business to listen to call recordings. Call recording is basically a VoIP phone system's feature. This feature helps to provide quality services and identify the potential trends. VoIP phone service providers offer this feature mostly free or charge a minimal cost. These recorded calls can be keenly processed with a speech analytics program. This program dissects the conversation's content. In addition, this program also has the ability to analyze the caller's voice tone and pitch as well as index certain phrases or keywords. The managers can look freely look through call and search the word '' problem'' or cancellation''. After getting so many results, dig deeper to find out the desired services or products.

What kind of information a call analytics display?

Agents can use the important information to optimize the distribution of incoming calls. It is keenly done by selecting the queue routing logic features according to their needs. Following is information that a call metrics show;

  • Current incoming calls

  • Calls waiting in the queue

  • Who is on calls?

By looking call records, managers can see that employees are taking calls properly. With this feature, it becomes easy to know about employees and their abilities to handle the calls.

What call analytics provides to the managers?

Call analytics provides following abilities to the managers;

  • The manager became accountable for the human capital

  • Provides the projected growth which based on call volume

  • Managers can use research tools to resolve the issues

Does what a business need to analyze?

When a business understands the call analytics. then it can easily prepare the report on;

  • The time duration of all calls

  • Identifying time period when phone traffic spikes

  • The geographic location of all calls

  • Customer wait time in minutes

  • Number of calls in the decided time period

By getting these reports any business can understand their customers better. Accordingly, the business can deliver better customer services, the quick solution to customer's issues. And, perform well by enhancing the customer-employee engagement.

Provides the better calling experience

Call analytics helps a business mostly in a customer care department. This data is very important for the companies like data centers and call centers. Assessing key metrics like response time and call length, dealing managers can find out different patterns in the user's behaviour. These services will help a business to accommodate response and fluctuations quickly.

Final Verdict

VoIP business is a VoIP phone services provider. It not only offers services to large businesses. But also provide opportunities to small businesses to grow. Companies who fully take advantage of VoIP business are achieving their goals. That companies become able to free-up resources, automate manual tasks and reallocate them.

So, call metrics synthesize valuable data and portrays it in an appealing manner. This information enables both managers (finance or non-finance) interpret the information with ease. Then, choose the best VoIP service provider for your business.