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Why does Skype need internet to connect?

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The concept behind the Skype technology was to utilize Voice of Internet Protocol (VoIP) in order to transmit voice and video data. Consequently, you save money by making calls over the internet instead of the regular phone line. If you are wondering about Skype working on a private network then the answer is ‘No’. In order for Skype to work it need to connect to the Skype servers around the globe to establish call routing. For instance, is the phone call going to a public phone, to a mobile phone or another Skype user etc. the servers need to create these links in order to connect just like the DNS servers connect for website. The DNS servers take name like Google and looks up through data which is the TCP/IP address and port to use. The Skype technology does the quite the same however Skype servers need to look up the other users on Skype or route the phone call to a local area if you call on phone line. Therefore, you cannot connect Skype without the Skype servers. There are a number of programs which allow you to make call on a private network and with those services the central server is not required.

In short, you can use Skype for calls or chat as long as you have an active internet connection. If you want to use Skype on your desktop and you don’t have Wi-Fi then you can utilize a traditional wired Ethernet connection. Further, Skype provides mobile app as well which you can install on your Smartphone. Then you just need to login on the app and you are set to make calls and chat with your friends. You can also use Skype through your phone’s 3G or 4G data network.

If Skype didn’t use Wi-Fi then it would have to go through the phone network in each country in the work and then get regulation and license there, which is just painfully hard if not possible since a lot of countries have attempted to block or ban VoIP services, just like they blocked callback services. Utilizing the internet means the Skype bypasses the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and allows you to use service without having to pay anything, although Skype has added paid calling services which allow you to make phone calls to traditional phone number and receive phone calls on a regular phone number in different countries.